Real Estate Investing Video Series: The Successful Real Estate Investing Lifestyle

real estate investing video

by Ronnie Adams

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Welcome to our real estate investing video series. Today’s “Quick Tip” outlines how successful real estate investing can provide the financial freedom and lifestyle design elements many people desire. In the video, Ronnie describes the benefits he enjoys since he’s built up his successful investing business. We want to share with everyone what’s possible if you stick with your goals and get advice from a proven, successful mentor.

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Gregory Darrell March 9, 2010 at 2:09 pm

How to invest in real estate using indivdual IRA (Self direct IRA)?


Ronnie Adams March 10, 2010 at 8:33 pm

Hey Gregory. The short answer is if you have access to funds through your IRA, that is definitely another option for funding your purchases. Of course you need to find out the details from your IRA administrator on how much you can take as a loan for real estate investing purposes. Also, make sure you talk with a tax advisor if you are considering taking a withdrawl from your IRA. There are tax consequences involved with withdrawls as opposed to loans.


Anthony March 7, 2011 at 10:49 am

Good Day. You guys definitely know what your talking about. I have been studying
the real estate business since 1987, when I use to be a loan officer, working for a real estate firm who also brokered loans. Thats where I learned about Home Equity Loans, because I was hired to call on certain home owners to convince them to try doing a refinance. At that time the interest rates was 9%, Thats two to three or more times as much as it is today, but we was able to get them in at 8% for some time. And not many home owners at that time understood what a refinance or home equity loan was.

I when’t to Atlanta in 2005 to help a family member with his Real Estate Investment Business, where we was buying, repairing and flipping houses.
We had connections to some Hard Money Lenders, Brokers, and Other Real Estate Investors. It was a “Bitter Sweet” situation because it was an educating adventure and experience, but the broker was bird dogging deals and writing up loans and approved it, or under write deals that was over its market value, then self assume the value some how, for this Hard Money Lender, Called Omni National Bank, Many Deals was site unseen, and I was skeptical about the situation from the start, but I took the deals, anyway because I was my own contractor, so those $5000 and $10,000 Repair Draw Checks came to me weekly. But the properties was hard to sell and I could not get a refinance for the properties based on what they said it was worth. See in Atlanta in order to keep on top of things especially if your black, you have to circumvent the situations, which seems corrupt. Because I tried using a white female loan broker with her appraisers
But I was getting good faith estimates from all over. I called her and told her and she told me to just throw them away, I did and she some how backed out from assisting me, so I forfieted my properties to another investor who new the game who sold the properties to his connections. And that scene.

But now Im in New York and I Have A associate Brother
On Wall Street Who Has Approved Me For $2,000,000. I Checking out a 300 plus unit in FL, And Im currently wholesaling, and I have this program which is a cash back program where my buyers or investors can earn from $10,000 To Over $100,000 Per Deal.
I have tons of buyers and investors calling me, and I am in the mist of working on deals right now. I am also looking for Joint Venture Associates Partners, to share advice, ideas, profits, and deals with.

I believe in Optimism, and Faith is the greatest form of Optimism.
And if you have collectively the right people, collaborating on a
particular program, It will be like this is whats New, Hot, And Whats Happening.

The computers and electronics are always advancing
and I notice that with real estate.

You cant always make money on what everybody already knows,
because everybody is doing it, are already knows the pros and cons.

You Have to have a plan or program that works, that every one in this Program or plan knows what they are getting out of it, and at the and of the day everyone is happy, “win Win Situation”.

If you have any ideas or suggestions please call 347-459-1344

Also why your site don,t have Adsence, That s extra revanues.

Anyway I Wish You, Peace Prosperity and Blessings…


Deroyce Simmons January 4, 2012 at 1:52 am

Hello, You are very smart and I am a very young guy who wants to get into real estate now and build up like you have. I have heard you have to get qualified for a loan 1st and I was wondering in example how do I and my lender get paid if I took out a loan to purchase and fix up the house? like If I bought a house for 30k and it cost 15k to fix it up, how much money will have to go to the lender who has raised the closing cost and interest rate? and i sold it for example for 150k or even rented it out. How would I get paid Wouldn’t I be just paying the bank and leaving with nothing out of the deal… please help me understand.


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