Real Estate Investing and the Freedom of Being Your Own Boss

by Ronnie Adams

financial freedom from real estate investing
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In this post I’m going to discuss how it feels to be a business owner and enjoy the perks of being your own boss. I was reminded of the freedom a real estate entrepreneur can enjoy just a few days ago. We were recently buried by 24” of snow in the northeast part of the United States. Most people had to shovel their way out in order to get to work on Monday. If they stayed home, they had to use their sick or vacation time to get paid, or lose money by taking non-paid personal leave. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

My income continues whether I go into work or not. My office happens to be my living room today. Tomorrow it may be my car, and the next day it could be anywhere I choose. My office is wherever I decide I want to work for the day. It still surprises me that real estate has given me the freedom that I once dreamed of, and the financial stability that I longed for before starting in this business. This is what you can achieve through hard work and the pursuit of a dream. If I was able to grasp my goal, believe me, you’ll be able to reach yours too. You may feel a little guilty because you’re able to sleep in or do whatever you please for the day while most folks are on their way to work. But that’s something you’ll get over real quick.

Granted, being your own boss is not always smooth sailing. It has it’s ups and downs to go along with the good times. While owning your own business can bring good times it also brings accountability and decision making that sometimes can be stressful. When things are going good you reap the benefits, but when they are challenging there’s no one else to blame. For me, even when times are difficult, the good always seem to out weigh the bad. I would rather struggle for myself than to help someone else live on easy street. Why? Because I’m in charge of my schedule. I work when and where I choose. I have the authority to make decisions that are best for my business, while securing the financial future of my family. You can have this control as well. I look forward to helping you start down that road in the coming year. Happy Holidays!

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Marlien August 25, 2014 at 2:30 am

I actually found this more ennietarting than James Joyce.


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