Podcast 13: Real Estate Investing and the Fear of Losing Money

real estate investing podcast

by Ronnie Adams


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Fear of losing money is one of the biggest reasons most people shy away from real estate investing. In truth, you can overcome this fear by taking steps to mitigate potential losses. By getting the proper real estate investing education, determining the worst case scenario and setting up plans to deal with the worst case, you can say goodbye to that fear and start making money! In this episode, Ronnie talks about the techniques he used to overcome this fear and others, on his way to becoming a successful investor.

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Jeremy Johnson April 3, 2010 at 7:15 pm

You were very real and personable with this. Liked how you are addressing the main concern that I and many people have. You just don’t want to lose any money. And you were upfront – just absorb the information on this website, get well informed. Then when you do make a decision you are not guessing so much. Learning by trial and error is harder! Learning the facts and techniques and then making a move is much better.


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