What Sparked Your Interest in Real Estate Investing?

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by Ronnie Adams

Enjoy It and Share It!

The last poll dealt with topics that sparked your interest in becoming a real estate investor. There were several people who responded to this poll. I was glad to see such a good response. We want to build a community through this website that promotes learning from everyone’s thoughts, fears and successes! In this post, I’m going to share some of the same thoughts I had on the topic many years ago.

The first choice highlighted the possibility of achieving financial freedom. Working as a teacher for several years and teaching the same grade, I found myself quickly becoming bored with the annual routine and limited salary. I knew 20 years of teaching would not satisfy my financial goals. Teaching provided a decent salary to live a good life, however I yearned to have the financial freedom that many only dream of, and real estate investing could provide.

The second choice was securing wealth for your family. While researching real estate investing, it was clear this career would generate enough wealth to allow my family to have a comfortable future. I met people who owned one or two properties and sold them to send children to college, or used the money for other things they wanted. For me, real estate investing equated to a secure and stable future.

The third and fourth choices dealt with wanting to be an entrepreneur and making your own work schedule. At a young age I dreamed of being an entrepreneur. The thought of owning my own business was exciting. I wasn’t sure how to begin or what type of business to build. I did know that having a flexible work schedule and not having to answer to anyone appealed to me. After years of working as a teacher, it became painfully clear that I needed a career where my income depended on my hard work and that effort translated into more time to enjoy the important things in my life.

So you see, I’m just like the people answering the poll. We all start off with an idea that turns into a dream. But it is your choice to make it your reality.

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willie morales December 8, 2009 at 10:33 am

What got me interested in real estate was a chance to do something other than just going to work and home, it will give me a chance to work for myself, donate more to my favorite charities, help my sisters financially and just plain “getting out of the box” so to speak!. Thanks for your show it’s really educational.


Ronnie Adams December 8, 2009 at 7:29 pm

Hey Willie! Thanks for the comment and congratulations on subscribing to the free email course. I’m sure you’ll get alot out of it.

I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about when you mentioned wanting some free time to do the things that matter to you most. When I first quit my job as a teacher I almost felt guilty that I was doing what I wanted during the day, and others had to work. I finally felt I had broken out of my box and it was a great feeling. The road wasn’t easy, but owning my own business has been well worth the effort.


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