There are many reasons why your real estate investing business may be failing, but in this episode we cut straight to the chase!   What are you doing to make your business successful? Getting the knowledge about investment property financing, finding potential real estate rentals and learning how to become a landlord is important, but […]

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How Much Can I Charge For Rent? What process should you use to determine the best monthly rent price for your investment properties? How do you determine the right amount to charge your tenants? Does it make sense to charge the maximum allowable rent for the area? Should I ever set my rent for lower […]


When should I refinance my rental property? What are my refinancing options? How do I refinance investment property? What are financial lenders looking for? Can you answer the question…is refinancing worth it? In this video, Ronnie discusses the reasons investment property owners would want to refinance their rental properties. Reasons can include reducing the interest […]

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What do you consider to be critical to the success of your real estate investing business? In reality, there are several factors that will determine if you will fail or succeed, not just one. We always talk about teamwork and relationships, and their importance in moving your business forward. Having the right real estate agent, […]